The best aggregate bunker liner-

Strong, Homogenous, Capillary

Two bunkers - one performes for decades and one does not


Superintendent Ronan Carey at Knightsbrook Hotel & CC outside Dublin, Ireland put Capillary Concrete to the test by installing it in one of two comparable bunkers on his 7th hole in June of 2013. TAKE A LOOK...in only a few months, the results are striking! One of the worst storms in decades hit around Christmas and dropped almost three inches of rain in an hour. The Capillary Concrete bunker was back in play after a few minutes, the other bunker already in need of sand replacement and renovation...


For a few extra dollars, the Capillary Concrete bunker will provide decades of improved conditions and ongoing labor savings (total material cost 450€)

Installation is simple and safe for any crew


To install Capillary Concrete all you need is a concrete mixer, our special Capillary Concrete Admixture, aggregate, and water.

Installation is fast and easy and it cures in under 6 hours. The sand can be installed the next day and the bunker can be put back in play.

Capillary Concrete is 100% environmentally safe for any outdoor installation and all the tools are cleaned with water. No Isocyanide or petroleum products!

The best playing conditions - in any weather conditions


To create a bunker that is as uniform as possible you need to control the moisture of the bunker sand in any weather. The bunker liner needs to drain excess water, but also provide extra moisture in dry conditions. That is the secrete to a perfect bunker sand.

Capillary moisture control technology keeps sand in place with less maintenance


Reduce maintenance and perfect your playing surfaces! Through capillary action, a slight amount of moisture is continuously fed to the bunker sand during dry conditions, resulting in a uniform and more consistent bunker, day after day.

Capillary Concrete is a worldwide Patent P protected system for sports surface drainage and moisture control, U.S. Patent a No. 13/822,799

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Capillary Concrete is a Registered Trademark with the US Patent Office U.S. Serial Number: 85-760,632


Dramatically reduce your bunker maintenance costs!


Easy installation, no leaching, economical and produces the best playing conditions