Capillary Drip Line

Drip line irrigation
Drip-line irrigation technology

If the underlying soil does not provide enough moisture to be fed through the Capillary Concrete™ layer, additional water must be provided. Instead of watering the bunker sand from above, which is a bad way of applying water as it changes the weight and the playing surface, Capillary Concrete™ system of drip-line irrigation can be used. Capillary Concrete™ works like a sponge, if you provide water in one location, the moisture will spread throughout the layer and moisturize the sand.







Drip Line MK1

Dripline 3_2

Drip Line MK2

Dripline 1_2




Capillary Concrete® Drip-line irrigation technology is a US Patent a No. 13/822,799

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