Capillary Drip Line

Drip Line Irrigation

Capillary Concrete™ has developed a revolutionary technique of subsurface irrigation on steep bunker faces, which is part of the Capillary Concrete™ patented system. It is changing the way bunkers are being managed. There is no need to irrigate the bunker faces to achieve firm conditions. The drip line irrigation used in many installations is Netafim Techline®, and the amount of water emitted is determined by the design and the bunker condition.

Drip line irrigation

Drip Line MK1

Dripline 4_2y

Dripline 3_2

Drip Line MK2

Dripline 1_2

Dripline 2_2

Drip-line irrigation technology

If the underlying soil does not provide enough moisture to be fed through the Capillary Concrete™ layer, additional water must be provided. Instead of watering the bunkersand from above, which is a bad way of applying water as it changes the weight and the playing surface, Capillary Concrete™ system of drip-line irrigation can be used. Capillary Concrete™ works like a sponge, if you provide water in one location, the moisture will spread througout the layer and moisturise the sand.

Capillary Concrete® Drip-line irrigation technology is a US Patent a No. 13/822,799



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