Capillary Bunker Edge

Capillary Bunker Edge™

A golf bunker edge system that catches overflow water and stops any grass encroachment into bunker sand.


Capillary Bunker Edge is a system that is made up of a layer of Capillary Concrete (registered trademark and patent pending material) formed into a wall inside the excavated bunker edge with a designed artificial turf material glued onto the inside of the wall. The artificial turf is attached with a strong glue to the inside, (about 1-2 inches 3-5 cm) above the Capillary Concrete wall, in level with the grass surface surrounding the bunker. This effectively stops water from running into the bunker sand, and all growth encroachment into the bunker sand. Any growth that may need trimming will only be above the artificial turf edge, significantly reducing the need to trim the bunker edges. The artificial grass may be extended into the bunker, down the bunker face as long as one prefers to avoid any wash-outs and create a unique look.

See the Intro-film here:


Artificial turf aplicated at Capillary Concrete Edge

Installation instructions for Capillary Concrete Bunker Edge Here.Download PDF

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