Capillary Bunker

Capillary Concrete™ is the only sports base that moves water in two directions and is strong enough to form an edge.

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This is the secret behind Capillary Concrete’s unique ability to keep bunkers in great shape regardless of weather conditions. Capillary Concrete™ will virtually eliminate wash-outs, soil contamination, plugged ball lies and other bunker maintenance problems.

Freely drain gravitational water from sand

Capillary-Bunker-Edge-2014-11-10-2Capillary Concrete™ is porous and will freely drain gravitational water on every inch of the bunker floor. Rain events are quickly drained through Capillary Concrete™ at hundreds of inches per hour.

Keep capillary moisture longer on BUNKER FACES to preserve ideal playing conditions

Once the free water has drained from the sand, only capillary moisture is left. The trick is to keep this capillary moisture on the sand faces for as long as possible, and this is achieved with Capillary Concrete™  which can move moisture back to the sand by utilizing special micropores and capillary action. The Patented Capillary Concrete™ system will help store and restore moisture to the sand faces as it evapotranspirates in dry conditions.

 Why is capillary moisture so important to maintain?

As soon as the sand on steep bunker faces starts to dry out, the risk of plugged ball lies and wash-outs increase significantly. Dry sand will not stay compacted and transport water as well as a sand which has a slight amount of capillary moisture. Playing characteristics of the sand will diminish as the sand dries out.





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